A Gentleman Meets An Escort

My name is Mark. I am an established man that frequently visits the city of London. When I come to London, I mainly come for business. Then there are those times I come for other reasons. I must admit I have my vices. I have grown to like a particular type of woman. This type of woman has become my vice. London escorts are like no other. They are exclusive. They are well kept. They are one of London’s finest kept secrets.

For this trip to London, business is not on my agenda. A woman however is on my agenda. A woman I have not seen in awhile is why I will be going to London. She has been on my mind lately. I have flew in specially for her. It is something very different about this woman. I have never found an escort quite like her. When we spend time apart, I do favors for her. I assist her with expenses. Today, I have picked up a bouquet of flowers. These roses are lovely and thoughtful. I think she will enjoy them very much.

I arrive in London by airplane. I ride by taxi to my next destination. The autumn air outside creates a crisp feel in the atmosphere. A beautiful fall scenery sets the backdrop of gorgeous London architecture. The hallmarks of London are witnessed like Big Ben and the Tower of London. I exit the taxi. Leaves that are red, brown and orange cover the road as a I pace towards the hotel.

I book the best room in the nicest hotel. I book a room that is big, beautiful and has a grand balcony that overlooks east London. The room has a big, comfortable bed. The room has a mini bar filled with the finest beverages. I hope she enjoys this room. I hope we have a wonderful night with each other.

She finally arrives to the room. I take my fingers and run them through her hair. Her hair is very soft. It is long. Its color is black and shimmers beautifully. I rub my hands against her plump cheeks. Her skin is warm and smooth to the touch. I eye her lips. I kiss her passionately. I feel something electric in my body as I embrace this beautiful woman. After the kiss, I look into her darling eyes. Both her eyes and lips smile. She says, “You’re a good kisser.” “You too,” I reply. Then I kiss her again. What began as subtle, soft kisses transform into passionate embraces that erupt into a sexual experience we both equally enjoy.

At the end of the night, she returns to the agency. I watch her gracefully walk out of the hotel room and ride away in the taxi I have paid for. A part of me hopes to see her again when I return to town. A part of me knows this is just a job to her. I will catch my flight in the morning. I will head back to my hometown starstruck by this amazing woman I have met.